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Travelling is satisfaction,its pleasure,its fulfilment.That’s just one of many ways to put it I guess.There might be numerous ways to describe the feeling of drifting and rambling through unknown territories,meeting new people who are the same as you but just with differences.The excitement that urges every time you try eating something new which may be the weirdest you have ever tasted,seen or heard of.No matter how weird it tastes,having it for the sake of trying something new just makes it more enjoyable.

After working for 9 to 5 every five days a week,flying off to dive into the deepest oceans to see how the citizens under the blue limpid waters live to climb up to the highest peak in the world to see how the sun shines and glares in its own charm.From having boring Sunday night dinners with your loved one to enjoy yourselves watching the narcissist moon under open skies.

The chance to indulge yourself and mix into other cultures and getting to know about their lives makes you blend into them and makes you aware of the diversity that mother Earth possesses.Maybe for a day,for an hour or maybe a minute you seem to forget everything the moment you board the plane or take the bus.All the pain,the sorrows,the endless scoldings of your boss just because you were late one day.All these daily affairs in which we get so deeply involved in that we forget to care about our lives.We forget that there is a world that still lives in its blissful oblivion just waiting for someone to have a glance at it.

Travelling can be a whole new experience for anyone and give you the chance to make memories to cherish for a lifetime.However, you may face a number of problems during travelling if you are not well aware of the situations.

That is why with all my experience and knowledge that I have gathered travelling all around the world in the last few years I have assembled the top ten travel tips for travelling well and having the best moments of your life.



1.Know Where You are going:

Our decisions to travel often depend on something that we see o hear from others.Maybe a beautiful photo of the Big Ben or a Bollywood movie scene in front of the Taj Mahal that makes us aware of the beauty or distinct characteristic that the place possesses.However don’t ever make the decision of going to a particular place just because you liked it on the photo or you likeda video on Youtube.

Everything is not actually what it seems on the internet.Whereas some photos or videos are legit and trustworthy most of them use computer visualisation to enhance the natural beauty of a place.
I would definitely suggest you to do some research online about the place you are willing to visit.Look into the major details and if possible do consult someone who has been there before.For example The first time I went to India to see the Taj Mahal I was very excited and couldn’t wait to see the beautiful structure but I was vastly disappointed because I thought it would have been like the movies and photos but it wasn’t.The building itself was not like the pearly white,due to the course of time and the lack of
maintenance had turned which once was a wonder into bitter looking building with minars.

I went there by myself without asking anyone and knowing how it would turn out to be,and hence I faced the consequences.Get to know the place you are willing to travel and make sure that you know what you are expecting.

Another thing to consider and really look into are the procedures for Visas in the country you are willing to travel to.There maybe some countries which may not give you any permission to enter their country because of maybe a government policy or the absence of particular documents,so make sure that you prepare yourself well with the documents and have knowledge about the certain requirements for going there.


2.Safety First:

No matter wherever or which country you travel there will always be risk involved and you have to be aware of that.Being a foreigner always attracts attention and you should be wary of that.Always carry photocopies of important documents such as your passport and Visa documents.These are really important documents and you may end up being in trouble if you loose them while travelling.Make sure that you know the address and room number of the hotel you are living in.Don’t forget to take your medicines which you consume regularly,you may not find them where you are going.Another important thing to look into while travelling is the political situation and weather conditions of the place you are travelling to.An inappropriate political situation or bad weather will just give you a bitter experience and a bad story to tell when you come back home.

In today’s world travelling nowhere is safe and hence you have to cope up and be brave,and no matter where you are travelling to.The moment you see or suspect something not right make sure to inform the local police station immediately.

3.Respect for the cultures,customs and religion:

Travelling to a new place can be very difficult at times.Meeting people who don’t look the same as you,people who talk in a different language or pray to a different God doesn’t make them in any way different from you.Sure they may have some differences but we are the same blood and flesh.Always keep in mind that you have come here to travel as a guest,so you should act like one.Don’t do or say something about their customs or rituals that may hurt them,instead, be friendly with them and try to indulge and involve in more of their activities.

4.Let’s get lost:

From one of the best travel tips one can give is exploring!A wise man once said that “Not all those who wander are lost”.
Don’t give yourself a panic attack looking for places to visit.Lighten yourself up a bit and relax for a bit.Once you are ready just throw that map off and get going on yourself.Travelling yourself without knowing where you are going will allow you to have a lot of time for yourself.You will also be able to know more about the place you are travelling and get to understand more about its culture and customs.It will also give you the chance to socialise more with the local people.Travelling without knowing where you are going,you may end up visiting places you never even thought of.

5.Know what you are talking about:

People all over the world or in different places may not speak the same language as you and hence knowing a bit of the language of the place you are travelling to will not hurt.I remember my bitter experience when I went to Dubai and I didn’t learn a single Arabic word and hence I had to spend my hard earned money on a tour guide which was very heavy on the wallet indeed.What I am trying to say is that you don’t have to learn a whole lot of the language of the place,just make sure you know the common phrases such as “Hello”.”How much”.”Which way?”.”Can you please?’ and much more.This will assist you to communicate more easily and trouble-free your travels.

6.Consult the locals:

One thing that I have learned while travelling all these years is that no matter how much travel you do or research you do,you will never know the country as well as the locals.They will know the best travel tips as they are native to the land.They just know it all,which is very obvious, to be honest.Only the house owner will know the way to his house more than anyone else.It’s also not about who knows the most,it’s just showing that mutual respect that you care about their views and opinions.Ask them about the best food places in town or the must visit places in town,you never know they may just give you a treat or ride to there.

7.Conquer your darkest fears:

What’s the point of travelling halfway around the world sitting on the plane for hours if you can’t do what you always wanted to?To do something that you have always feared to do,or was never sure about.Let that be jumping from the middle of the sky or eating an insect alive.Just do it if your heart tells you to.I remember having the craziest times of my life while travelling with my friends.I was a guy who couldn’t go into theme park rides for being too afraid of heights,after a few years I overcame that fear by skydiving.I was very picky when it came to eating,so you can indicate that I chose my meals very carefully.
Until I started travelling and got to taste delicacies from all around the world.There were so much diversity and variety that I just couldn’t help myself.So always be brave and don’t be afraid of the consequences that happen.Just be bold and conquer your fears and enjoy the time you have because to travel is to live.

8.Pack less,pack smart:

The thing in common I see everyone doing before travelling is panicking and packing a load of stuff that they may not even need on the trip.I have seen people take suits and dress shoes while travelling as if they are going on a holiday.
We sometimes end up packing so much that we don’t realise that the half of the stuff will be of no use.I would like to give you a very important tip on packing before travelling.That is trying to pack as less as possible.It may seem weird to some but actually, this will be beneficial for you as you will not be able to lose stuff easily as you won’t have much.Also, it will also make your travels easier as there will be less luggage to carry,also saving your extra airport baggage costs.

9.Bring back memories:

Unless you are in a “Hangover” movie whats the point of travelling with your hard earned money if you can’t bring back memories and moments.Always make sure you have a camera with you with extra batteries and try writing a diary when you come back,it will just enhance and allow you to reminisce on your memories.
A very useful travel tip I would like to give is try bringing some sort of souvenir for the ones at home.
When I went to Paris I was in a hurry so I couldn’t bring much for anyone,but I bought a rose from my wife and kept it under my diary.Such souvenirs will help you a great deal in making sure that you have something as a memory from the trip.It can also act as a gift or a sign of gratitude to your loved ones.
Always remember no matter how much you like to travel or roam around the world,you have to make sure that you are capable enough for it both financially and physically.For me, I believe that one’s health is a great blessing and you should never give up on your health for travelling.Set your priorities right.
Make sure that you carry all your medicines every time you travel and also all the skin care products you use.There may be high chances that you may not find them the place you are going to and this will just deteriorate your health.
Also, try to carry pocket packs of the cosmetics you carry.
I had a friend who never liked or, to be honest, didn’t have the time to shampoo and wash his hair,so he carried a small container of dry shampoo in hiss pocket.So whenever he felt his hair was feeling greasy he would sprinkle a bit of powder onto his scalp and he was good to go.

I have been travelling all around the world for almost five years now.I have been to many countries and probably hundreds of cities.I have experienced life as it should be.Not just behind a cubicle half the day.You should enjoy life,enjoy its blessings.Once you start travelling you will realise what its really like.It will completely change your mindset to the way you relate to the world.When you travel to other countries and see the amazing beauty of sunsets over the great gallant seas,brave eagles crying out their existence,the cool serenity of the waterfalls.The volcanoes sneaking into a corner waiting ti erupt into darkness.
It will feel so good to be lost in the right direction.Once you travel you will start to take an ever ending journey into yourself.Travel while you are young and able,don’t worry about the money just make it work.
Experience and living your life to the fullest will be far more important than money ever will be.Trust me it will bring power and love back to your life.Trust me,it will feel good to be lost in the right direction.


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