Men’s Gym Bag review

The Best Budget Men's Gym Bag:

I admit that going to the gym every now and then can be a bit burdensome for the sluggish lot. But I won't judge anyone here. Even I was the same, to be honest. For me it was worse,my gym was open for men only at mornings and guess what? I wasn't much of a morning guy myself.

I had no choice but to take my big heavy gym bag and walk down the journey of making myself better. During the early few days, it was very tough and exhausting. The very first day my entire body was sore and I could barely move.

But it was just temporary as I started to learn and experience a lot in my prolonged journey. Many years have passed down the road and after all these years I have come to the actual realisation that the day I decided to go buy that gym bag and carry it every morning with me. Whenever I went to the gym from my University or from my job was probably the best decision that I ever made. A decision that was always meant to be flawless.

I realised that if you are being lazy and don't want to join the gym it's okay. Take a little bit of time and look around for motivation. Look at the guy who you used to call fat in high school have a six pack while you are boasting with that beer belly of yours.

Maybe all this that I am saying will never make you go pack that gym bag of yours and start running to the gym unless you make a decision and commitment to yourself to change. Trust me,once your life evolves around the cover of keeping yourself healthy you will notice a very significant change in your life,both physically and mentally. I always tend to carry Backpack With Shoe Compartment with me to the gym.

Convinced much?

Now that I have convinced you to go to the gym you will be needing a bit of gear and a men's gym bag to fill up. Confused about the high prices,wide variety and types of men's gym bag out there?

Well, that's where I come in to help and handy. Once you start looking you will be baffled by the huge number and variety of bags out there with different sizes,prices, and materials.

Under Armour Storm Undeniable II - My Pick

But I am here to suggest you the best budget men's gym bag. Talking from my own experience the Under Armour Storm Undeniable II Medium Duffle men's gym might be the best men's gym bag that won't break the bank. I bought it when I was a complete newbie in the gym and it had served me well in its duty.

The bag is made from 100% polyester which makes the bag water resistant,ultra light,durable and super easy to carry. One of the outside pockets has a mesh vent along the top right which is gonna let air transfer in and out of the particular deep-pocketed area,which means that it will protect any wet or mud from getting the other end of the bag.

On the front, it has a very large pocket but surprisingly doesn't bulge out.On the other side, there is an open pocket without chains which makes it difficult to store valuables in.On the inside of this sporty men's gym bag, we get an opening pocket which pops up and also a little pocket made of microfiber material making it helpful to store your phone or glasses,basically anything that you don't want scratches on.There is also a shoulder strap inside to help you if you aren't comfortable with the one already provided.

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One of the Best?

All in all the Under Armour Storm Undeniable II Medium Duffle is undoubtfully one of the best men's gym bag in the price range. Starting from that lightweight build that made it much easier for me to roam around as I often had to go to classes after my gym sessions.

To the huge compartments in the middle makes it a whole package. There may be a few problems that you might face such as the compartments for the shoes may be a bit small for the ones with larger feet. But since I have medium sized feet it wasn't much of a problem for me. In order to make the men's gym bag light they might have made the material too delicate and even if it is durable it sure doesn't give that premium look. But then again for the price you are paying there isn't much to complain.

This particular gym bag has been rigid and solid from day one to till today,even though I require a much bigger bag now this men's gym bag was always special to me and holds a place in my heart.

Nike Brasilia 6 Duffle Bag- A Bittersweet Competition:

However as I said I have been working out and going to the gym for many years now and hence due to the course of time I had the opportunity to try out a huge range of men's gym bags and hence suggesting only one for you would not be a wise decision.

I bring you the Nike Brasilia 6 Duffle Bag.A men's gym bag that I completely adore.The bag is a versatile multi purpose bag and can be also used to go to the gym.A men's gym bag for the one who loves being minimalistic.I first saw the gym bag when I was browsing through the mall.For some particular reason, it struck me.Even if I had a bag already I purchased it.

It's a medium-sized bag made from 10% polyester.The bag stays super hard,rigid and has no whatsoever effect on it due to gameplay or the sweaty gym sessions.The top of the bag has a really wide opening containing durable zippers.The most satisfying part about the bag is that it has a pretty good rigid support on the inside making it able to stand up making it easier to put your equipment in.It also contains wet and dry separation compartments making so you can save your clean stuff away from the dirty ones.


Like every other traditional men's gym bag it also contains interior and exterior small pockets to store all your precious belongings such as your mobile phone,keys or glasses.The material on the bottom of the men's gym bag also makes it water resistant.

The compartment inside is just like every other men's gym bag and contains a very decent space for your minimal use.It's the perfect sized gym bag for 1 or 2 pairs of shoes and a full set of clothes. It has a completely different compartment for shoes and enough pockets for anything you may need. Backpack with shoe compartment are necessary for me. There also comes a padded shoulder strap making the men's gym bag more comfortable to carry.The simple solid colored design of the bag makes it suitable for any gender or age type.

The Battle of the Budget:

There is no denying that these are the best men's gym bag that you will find if you are on a tight budget. But what you are spending is your very own hard earned money and you should spend it one the best one possible.Hence I will try to help you with all the knowledge and information that I have so that you get the best men's gym possible in your budget.

Starting from the Under Armour Storm Undeniable II Medium duffle it may not look the same as the Nike Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag according to appearance but there aren't much differences to be honest.Both of them are made up of 100% polyester material which gives the ability to both these bags to survive any wear and tear.

They both have two similar ways of carrying the bag.One being the velcrow handles on the middle and the other being the shoulder strap that contains padded cushioning.The size of compartments on both the men's gym bag are the same.Even the side pockets are similar and contain similar space.

On the contrary!

However there are a few noticeable differences as well. First being the contrast of the design of the bags. The Under Armour Storm Undeniable II comes in a wide array of multi themed colors where as the Nike Brasilia 6 sports a solid old school color. Even if it does come in a few different colours,they are not as vibrant or stand out in comparison to the Under Armour Storm Undeniable II. It all basically is up to you to chose the right one for you. I would prefer a backpack with shoe compartment over  a normal gym bag.

If you are a teenager filled with enthusiasm and adrenaline then the Under Armour Storm Undeniable II would be the perfect fit for you. Whereas if you are a corporate hotshot who likes to be reserved and quite and doesn't mind hitting the bars every weekend you should probably go with the Nike Brasilia 6. I hope my suggestions and reviews were helpful and I hope that you will benefit from them. I also want everyone reading this to ensure to take care of yourself and build a healthy lifestyle.Be it going to the gym,having a healthy meal or just a simple jog every morning. Take it easy and you will realize the improvement yourself.