Dragon Ball Z Backpack For The Ultimate Fanboys

Growing Up As A Fanboy:

Growing up as a kid I never really liked playing sports. While most of the boys were out thrashing each other and kicking a ball. I would sit quietly in a corner with my dragon ball z backpack and read comics and stuff. To be honest I was a geek back then. I wasn't like the other boys. I was a huge Dragon Ball Z fan and I still am. But those days were just awesome. I always used to watch Dragon Ball Z when I used to come from school.

However, I had an obsession to collect Dragon ball z figures and other accessories. One of them were dragon ball z backpacks. I don't remember buying any backpack before high school that didn't have Goku or Vegeta on it. So today I will be talking to you about some of the dragon ball z backpacks that I have owned and use over a couple of years. Let's have a look.

Taking The Emblem(Dragon Ball Z Backpack):

Dragon Ball Z Backpack

I still remember when I used to watch dragon ball z I loved the unique dresses that Goku and his friends wore. They had these strange looking Japanese writings on them. Even though I didn't understand a thing it said I liked them anyway. So I started giving tantrums to my dad and told him to buy me a backpack with those writings on it. He searched effortlessly at malls and shops but couldn't find it.

So after not getting it he went to Amazon.com and bought me the Siawasey Japanese Anime Cosplay Luminous Daypack. I was in love with it the day it arrived. It looked a bit different than the other traditional backpacks.

                    Design And Compartments:

The backpack was really light and that is because of the super high-quality canvas material it is made up of. I think it didn't weigh more than 2 pounds.

The backpack is black and there is a bit of brown leather underneath the bag giving it a cool look. On the front of the backpack, you will see a small and a medium compartment with chains. The bigger one is on the top. I used to store my lunchbox here. Below this is a small compartment perfect for storing pencils and pens. On the right corner of the small pouch, you will get two badges. One of a wink face and another of a monkey. This is a nice touch.

Coming to the main compartment it is very huge and roomy. It also features a nice laptop compartment. This laptop compartment also has a pretty strap to hold your beloved laptop in place. However, it cannot hold laptops that are more than 14 inches. So that's a problem. But the main compartment is really big and it held my big books pretty well. There are also two pockets on the side of the backpack.

The shoulder straps are a bit narrow. They are also very well padded making it insanely comfortable to carry for long periods of time.

Baby Goku And Dragon Balls(Dragon Ball Z Backpack):

dragon ball z

I don't know about everyone else but I was literally in love with the baby Goku. The witty faced and naughty Goku that we all loved. If you aren't familiar with this character I can tell you that it was the same as Gohan.

However, enough of characters. Let's talk about the backpack now. So when I was in middle school I didn't really need to carry many books or anything to school. And these big bags were a huge pain to carry as well. So one day before Christmas I and my mom were shopping. I came in front of a store that had a black little dragon ball z backpack hanged.

So I told my mom to buy it for me. But you know how moms are. Even though she was a bit skeptical at first. I managed her anyway. So now let's have a closer look at the backpack.

                    Design And Compartments:

Well, the dragon ball z was really small to start with. It was a 17-inch full-size school backpack. It was black in color. The design featured a baby Goku surrounded by a few dragon balls on the flap that opened the backpack. The flap was secured to the bottom with two buckles that were pretty solid.

These buckles were attached to a small front compartment. This small pocket featured a dragon ball z symbol and the pocket has a very decent space. It is perfect for storing small accessories. Coming to the main compartment is a very decent one. Just enough space to fulfill a little boy's needs. Nothing fancy or more than that. There are also two side pockets to hold those mini water bottles. The padded straps are adjustable and provide great comfort.

Overall this is a good dragon ball z backpack if you are buying it for a little boy or girl. It isn't suitable for teenage or elderly needs.

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Dragon Ball Z Messenger Backpack:

As I grew older my backpack needs changing over the time. However, my love for dragon ball z was always intact. So getting a backpack that didn't connect to dragon ball z was not the question. The question was what to get. As I was getting older I needed a good backpack that wouldn't look like I was still a kid.

So I went to Amazon.com and started searching. And after looking for quite some time I found a pretty cool dragon ball z backpack. Well, it wasn't actually a backpack. It was a messenger bag. It was the Siawasey Japanese Anime Cosplay Satchel Handbag Backpack. Now Siawasey has been a very favorite company of mine, to be honest. Mainly because they concentrate on making products specifically for anime lovers and cosplayers. Their products are also very high end and carry an affordable price tag.

             Design And Compartments:

Now the main aspect of the Siawasey Japanese Anime Cosplay Satchel Handbag Backpack is the design. It sports a white and black dual design which looks great. The backpack features the Dragon Ball Z written on the top corner of the backpack. There is a flap on the middle which helps you to open and close the backpack. The flap has a dragon ball z symbol on it as well.

The backpack is made of high-quality canvas and PU leather. On the flap of the backpack, there is a small zippered compartment to store small accessories. There is also a small pouch on the front too. This dragon ball z backpack also has two zippered side pockets to keep your possessions intact. The main compartment is of medium size and not too big. However, it can hold a lot of books and other stuff. The strap on it is very durable and will last you a long time.

Overall this is a great dragon ball z backpack with great build quality and good material. It also has a lot of pockets. In my opinion, if you are someone who loves collecting dragon ball z collectibles but also want to look good and mature this is the perfect backpack for you.

Siawasey Japanese Anime Cosplay Bookbag Backpack:

Just when I thought there were enough dragon ball z backpacks on Amazon this popped up. The company Siawasey never fail to impress me. They have such a huge collection of dragon ball z backpacks. As I told you before I could never get enough of collecting dragon ball z stuff. So one day I was going through Amazon when the Siawasey Japanese Anime Cosplay Bookbag Backpack popped up.

                        DESIGN AND COMPARTMENTS

Simple and significant is what I would like to say about this backpack. The backpack is black and white in color and features a baby Goku holding a stick and the dragon ball z symbol on top. These prints are white in color but will change to blue once it absorbs sunlight. This is a very common feature in most of Siawasey's backpacks.

The backpack is made from nylon material. This makes the bag super high quality and durable. Coming to the compartments of the backpack they are very decent. The size is also perfect for school use. There is a pretty big compartment on the front. I used this store my lunchbox. On the top of this pocket, there is also a small zippered pocket as well. There are also two side pockets to store water bottles.

The main compartment is very spacious and also has a laptop compartment. There is also safety strap in order to keep your laptop safe and secure. It could easily fit a Macbook there. I had no problem whatsoever to store my books in the main compartment. The shoulder straps are very well padded. The back panel has a pretty good airflow so you don't sweat much.

Being A Fanboy Is Fun

Being A Fanboy Is Fun:

To be honest Dragon Ball Z has played a very special part in my life. It was more than an anime show for me. I may have faced many taunts and bullying for being such a geek,but honestly, I learned things that even life won't be able to teach you.

So keep doing what you love and make sure to be collecting those Dragon Ball Z memorable all the way.