Best Tactical Backpack I have used so far

Two of the best tactical backpack (s):

Tactical backpack s are a major essential for people working in the military forces,search or rescue missions. Or even hiking or camping where slowing down with a number of bags will not be helpful.This is where tactical backpacks come into the spotlight for their hard and rigid appearance and water-resistant fabrics which will stand strong in the toughest of conditions,Another noticeable feature that makes the tactical backpack so convenient is the weight.They usually weigh from around 0.95-2.2 pounds making it so comfortable around your body that you will hardly notice its presence.Today I will be sharing you about the best tactical backpack s I have used.

The best tactical backpack s in the market come with a number of extra compartments to store food supplies,water bottles,important documents,knives,glasses etc.However when buying the best tactical backpack you will get confused and face a lot of problems due to the huge variety of tactical backpacks in the market,But don't worry,I have come up for you to tell you about two of the best tactical backpacks that I have owned.Let's get to it then.

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack:

Through my long journey of hiking and camping in woods for days I have been lucky to use a lot of tactical backpacks in the course of time and without a doubt I can say that Red Rock has been one of my favourite brands so far.And the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack has been one of the best products in their line.There is something really attractive about the rigid and solid built of the tactical backpack which makes it look well built.The chains and belts on the tactical backpack are strong and sharp as well. Let's now come to the appearance and features of the tactical backpack.

The front and back of the backpack are covered with a lot of molle straps and so are the sides which are very standard and common for any tactical backpack. On the back, there are two very thick but comfortable padded straps .With the padded straps, there is another strap that goes across your belt that also goes across your chest and there is also one that goes across your hip which is the real thick one so it does come with support which is really comfy. Behind the straps, you will see a back compartment which is really thick and padded as it is against your back it prevents any sort of back pain or injury. There is a velcro that holds it all together.

The Front!?

On the front, we have velcro patches and to be honest, there aren't many tactical backpacks with this feature.Just below the velcro patches, there are some decently sized compartments which that helps a great deal in storing essential tools.And the smaller pouch above it can be used to store hand cleansers and other medicines as well.Behind it is the larger compartment of the tactical backpack which goes all the way to the bottom. This pouch can be very useful in storing adjustment tools and some more tools that won't fit in the smaller compartments.But all in all the most exciting part regarding this tactical backpack is the main compartment.The main pocket is really huge and also holds a couple of small pockets as well with a mesh pocket on the front as well for storing earphones or chargers.The main pocket can store a whole lot more than it actually seems like.During my hiking journey, I was putting on stuff gradually I had faced no problems whatsoever.

The Great Features!

  • Fabric/Polyester.
  • Medium 2-litre external organiser pocket for survival essentials.
  • Molle webbing throughout for attaching additional pouches or gear.
  • Mesh ventilated padded back panel with Velcro top closure.
  • Four quick-release compression straps for expansion or consolidation.
  • Fully adjustable contoured padded shoulder straps with hard plastic D-rings for attachments

The Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault backpack has been one of my all time favourite tactical backpacks of all time due to its unique design and sturdy built but however there are a few minor problems as well. The first being I found it could get a bit uncomfortable when you are carrying it for a long period of time which I faced during my long hiking trips and if you are planning to carry extra baggage it will just add up to your problems.

Another noticeable thing that I noticed is that the backpack isn't completely waterproof.The material on it may be water resistant but still allows some water in if submerged in water. All in all the cons regarding this tactical backpack is ver small and doesn't really outweigh the advantages. In my personal opinion, you are getting the buck for the bang for this one and it's undoubtedly one of the best tactical backpacks out there.


I may have said that The Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault backpack is one of the best backpacks around that doesn't mean it is the only one in the market and to be honest, I have used a lot of tactical backpacks so I can name a few. Another one of my favourite and recommended tactical backpacks has to be The Seibertron Falcon.Let's have a glance at its features.

The Features!

  • Waterproof 900D.
  • Molle design 37L,External dimensions:19"(H) x 11"(W) x 11"(D),waist belt MAX:45 Inch,chest belt MAX:60 Inch.
  • 27L,External dimensions:16.5"(H) x 9"(W) x 11"(D), waist belt MAX:39 Inch,chest belt MAX:51 Inch.

In my opinion, this has to be the best tactical backpack if you are looking to hike for days like me. It's light weight of 2.2 pounds and small and light design makes it the rightful candidate to be your hiking companion. The backpack features two small and two medium compartments. The small pouches are perfect for storing tools and essentials. Whereas the bigger ones are made for storing laptops and other important things. The bigger compartments seemed very satisfying to me and were able to store a lot.

However, the main aspect of this product that makes it one of the best tactical backpacks around is the waterproof material. The 900d material on it made me go through streams and rivers without a single drop of water going inside. The adjustable straps and buckles are also a notable feature as it makes the backpack very comfortable to carry.

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In Conclusion!

But there are some things on this backpack which may trouble you a bit.One being the strap lacking a stopper. The lack of a stopper on the straps prevents the bag from staying firmly on your back for a long period of time as the strap comes out when the bag is light and it swings.