American Tourister Luggage Review – Top Notch!


If you are someone who has travelled a lot. If you know quite a deal about travel gear you may be acquainted with the name American Tourister. In my opinion, American Tourister is one of the very few luggage manufacturers that I like. This is why today I will be sharing an American Tourister luggage review for you. Overall looking at this American Tourister review you will easily be able to make your decision. It will be much easier for you to decide which luggage to buy.

Ilite Xtreme:

Travel luggage is very different in comparison to other travel backpacks. They are completely in a league of their own. However, let's come to the luggage now. The American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 29 is made for simple use. This luggage is very simply made. It also has a very minimalistic design. If you are looking for a decent sized luggage with old school design and insane build quality. Then this is the way to go.

The luggage is made from 100% polyester. This makes the luggage look really cool. The wheels under the luggage are really great and make it super easy to control and maneuver.

There are two small compartments on the front where you can store portable accessories. On the back of the small compartments, you will see the main room which is very big. On the inside of the main compartment, there is a number of see through and mesh pockets. Here you can store documents. However, in this American Tourister luggage review, I would like to tell you about some other features as well. One being the handle at the top which is very basic but works like a gem. There is also a carrying handle on the side of the luggage. In case you chose to carry it.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Top and side carry handles are very convenient.
  • The wheels balance pretty well and roll smoothly.
  • Comes in a number of appealing colors.


  • May get dirty and damaged due to rough use.
  • The material on it is not sturdy enough.
  • Zippers are a bit poor quality.

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Ilite Max Softside:

Remember we all had an uncle who always used to carry a dark simple luggage everytime he came to visit. Well, that uncle of yours was probably carrying an American Tourister Ilite Max Softside Spinner 25 Suitcase. Simple yet significant. These two words completely match with this luggage. With a great and affordable price, this is a sure win. Don't judge it by its looks or size. In this American Tourister luggage review, I will tell you why it is more than capable of what it looks.

The luggage is made of polyester material. The four, multi-directional low spinner wheels for easy mobility. Rolls upright so there is no weight on your arm or shoulder. There is also a top carry handle integrated right into the case.

There is a small pocket on the front to hold little accessories. Coming now to the main compartment it is very big. There is a small mesh pocket. Another medium sized see-through pocket. Here you can store your medicine or cosmetics. Below on the side of the main compartment, there is a small pocket for storing keys. The main room itself is very big and can hold a lot of baggage. An elastic buckle will make sure your possessions are kept good.


  • Lightweight.
  • Sturdy and feels heavy duty.
  • Lots of compartments. Probably for more than one person.
  • The handle and wheels are very well made and easy to use.
  • Affordable price.


  • The 600d nylon makes it a bit heavy than other alternatives.

American Tourister LiteSPN 24":

The reason behind me writing this American Tourister review is because I am a fanboy of this company. And I have used all these pieces of luggage myself. American Tourist luggage is great. And the American Tourister LiteSPN 24" Spinner is no exception. It very cool design and ample compartment space. This luggage can give a hard time to any of it's more pricey competitors. It is a very lightweight luggage and makes travelling fun and easy.

It weighs less than 8lbs. And when it comes to the other features are quite the same as any other American Tourister luggage. A small pouch on the front and a decent main compartment. It also has a top and side carry handle.

However, the main reason why I mentioned the American Tourister LiteSPN 24" Spinner is because of its unique design. The grey and green dual combo makes it a pleasure to look at.


  • Lightweight.
  • Appealing design.
  • Made of durable polyester fabric.


  • There is no zipper on the front pouch.
  • The wheels are a bit too small for my liking.

American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner:

Now in my American Tourister luggage review, I am going to include a luggage which was one of my favorites. Though I never bought it myself it is very special to me. I remember when I and my family were going on a vacation. And my sister was making my dad mad because she didn't have a good luggage. So my dad went to and purchased the American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner for her.

It is a very compact and cool looking luggage in my opinion. The main noticeable feature of this backpack is the number of vibrant colors it comes in. From hot pink to matte black. To spring floral prints. They have it all. The luggage is 14.5" wide. The interior is fully lined with large packing area. The area expands for added packing capacity and interior has a pop of color to match the inside. It is also very lightweight. It is made of polyester material.

There are two small and medium compartments to hold small stuff. They also contain zippers. The main compartment is just like the other ones. Mesh pocket and one see-through pocket on one side. On the other side, the main compartment is very big and can hold a lot of clothes. There are also four, multi-directional spinner wheels for easy mobility with new wheels and wheel housings. In addition, there is a top and side carry handles are integrated into the case.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable Case
  • Lots of interior pockets.
  • Works perfect as a carry-on.
  • The size is convenient and perfect for long or small business trips.
  • The bright color allows you to spot your luggage easily around the airport.
  • The wheels roll really smoothly and make the luggage easy to carry.


  • The size is a bit tall which makes it difficult to use in some airplanes.
  • Wheels may not properly balance sometimes making it difficult to use.
  • The stitching on the front is poor quality and may end up getting ripped due to rough and heavy use

American Tourister Splash LTE Spinner:

The main reason behind me writing this American Tourister luggage review is because I have traveled a lot. And whenever I was in the position to make a decision I always chose American Tourister. This is probably the main reason why this article consists of American Tourister luggage review. Throughout my whole life, I have always traveled alone. I believe it is more fun. It allows you to enjoy the experience better. However, traveling alone meant having a luggage that can suit your single needs. And most importantly keep your possessions safe. The luggage that I use often got stolen. So I searched into for a luggage. That is when I found the American Tourister Splash LTE Spinner 20 Carry On Luggage.

The American Tourister Splash LTE Spinner 20 Carry On Luggage comes in two very attractive colors. Blue and black. It is made of polyester material and nylon lining. The single, smooth-rolling airflow wheels are great and make the luggage easy and convenient to carry. The push-button locking handle is also a very nice feature and adds up to the uniqueness of the luggage. There are two very good sized pockets. They also contain zippers which will ensure security.

Coming to the main compartment it is very decent. It is not insanely big but does a pretty good job if you are carrying clothes for a single person. Overall it is perfect for single use. There is also a pretty huge mesh pocket inside the main compartment. The cross straps will ensure you don't damage your precious possessions. The color matching zipper pulls also look really attractive.

Final Verdict:

Overall,in conclusion, if you ask me whether or not to buy luggage from American Tourister. I would definitely suggest you to go for them. In this article where I have written American Tourister luggage review, I have stated some pretty good luggage.

All these are pretty good and high-quality products in my opinion and will last you a lifetime. Some may have a few problems but they are not that major and shouldn't affect your purchase. Do go to and check these out. I hope my American Tourister luggage review was helpful.